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(the website for DbBooks, the independent publisher of some David Bret/Joey Jenkinson books as opposed to those released by major publishing houses is www.davidbretindependent.co.uk) For Joey Jenkinson publications please see the DbBooks website.

Piaf Find Me cover 2015

Edith Piaf: Find Me A New Way To Die (previously unpublished interviews with friends, lovers, colleagues, composers) Oberon Books, November 2015.


Joey Prince cover

Joey Stefano: The Life, Loves & Legacy of the Prince of Passion. DbBooks, Summer 2015.

A new biography of gay porn's most beautiful and enduring legend. Joey Stefano (1968-94) did not spend his entire adult life with his finger on the self-destruct button, as has been said. For this unique book, David Bret has interviewed many of those who knew and worked with Joey, and in 1992 met and interviewed Joey himself. Available everywhere as a print and download book.

Rock Giant cover thumb


Rock Hudson: The Gentle Giant. DB Books, Autumn 2015.

Much revised (since the deaths of Phyllis Gates and Marc Christian) edition of the previous biography. 

Nancy Coal


The seventh in this popular spoof series. When Nancy learns that Lord Cecil Wilde's illegitimate son, Davey, is living in Yorkshire and actively involved with the Miners Strike, she heads there with the notion of bumping him off ~ a tough task, for one of the conditions of the Carmine Colliery is that it only employs gay men. Prepare to be shocked as Nancy meets her match!



Bret autobiography 

David Bret Autobiography

Published Jamuary 2015 by DbBooks. Available at Lulu.com and, from 10 December, from all retail

sites and outlets worldwide.

Absolutely no punches pulled with this one! David Bret tells his own story: the truth about his adoptionand parentage, his abusive father and his mother's suicide, the eccentric family and the archetypal wicked stepmother, the friends and lovers from both sides of the celebrity fence, the struggles, the friendshipwith Peter Sutcliffe in pre-Yorkshire Ripper days, the celebrities who took him to their hearts. All told with wit and compassion...and at times with more than a touch of acidity! [And don't forget ~ in the UK and most countries, one cannot libel the dead!]


dante alfonso

Dante Alfonso: Italian God Of The Silent Screen 

Dreamspinner Press, 20 October 2014: A young Italian, ejected by his family for being gay, heads for New York where, after a series of adventures, he enters the movies and becomes the biggest silents star n America. But will he bend to studio pressures and marry to stop the rumours?


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Elizabeth Taylor            Doris Day                    Mau
Popular with the "trade" David Bret counts/counted amongst  his friends, allies and admirers: Marlene Dietrich, Barbara (Monique Serf), Dorothy Squires, Betty Mars, Roger Normand (his godfather), Jacqueline Danno (his godmother), Michel Guyarmathy, Montserrat Caballé, Melina Mercouri, Sheridan Morley, Kris Kirk, Peter Burton, Terry Sanderson, Alice Saprich, Amália Rodrigues, Maria da Fé and almost the enire fado population of Lisbon, Damia, Elisabeth Welch, Serge Reggiani, Marian Montgomery, Elaine Paige, Charley Marouani, HM The Queen Mother, Joey Stefano, and Kirsty McColl. All these people  praise him highly and have dedications in his books.

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Richard cover Edward IV     
The Yorkist Kings & The Wars of the Roses ~ Richard III & Edward IV
                                                                            David Bret's books bear the mot "La vie sans amis c'est comme un jardin sans fleurs", and are additionally inscribed in support of Les Enfants de Novembre, traditionally the oppressed minorities of the world. He has published over fifty biographies in Britain, the United States, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Russia, China and Japan. In 1991, he collaborated with Marlene Dietrich on "The Essential Marlene Dietrich", the last album to be released in her lifetime. In 1998 he gave a talk on Rudolph Valentino in Chicago, when one of the guests was a then little-known Barack Alabama. Additionally he has appeared in around twenty television documentaries, and in 2008 appeared in the Italian-language film, "Rudy", shot in Milan. He has made over 600 radio broadcasts. Most of his books have been serialised in national newspapers.
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chevalier large   Piaf Poland   Piaf ints pb   Piaf Passion PB   Liz China
The subjects of Bret's books are diverse, and usually controversial--otherwise he would see no point in writing about them! In "Rock Hudson", he claims that Rock did not contract AIDS by way of sex, but by way of a blood transfusion during open-heart surgery. In "Morrissey: Landscapes Of The Mind", he panders to the half-crazed fans of the ex-Smiths frontman--but more than makes up for this error in "Morrissey: Scandal & Passion" a very revealing portrayal of the singer.  Morrissey had wished for a previous biographer to die a horrible death. Of Bret's caustic wit, on a level with his own, he observed, "I would like to dust him down and stick him on my mantelshelf!" The fussy members of the George Formby Society approved Bret's biography of the singer, until learning that he had labelled him a "camp icon". Assuming that the word "camp" equated to Formby being gay, they branded it "obscene"--it was anything but--and sent it winging to the top of the best-sellers charts! The much snootier Maria Callas Society praised Bret's applauding of La Divina's musical genius in "Maria Callas: The Tigress & The Lamb", but took umbrage at his claims that she attempted, and falied, to "straighten" out several gay would-be lovers. And was Callas really a friend of "common" entertainers Gracie Fields and Tallulah Bankhead, also the subjects of Bret biographies? One imagines that Bret and the fabulously foul-mouthed Miss B would have had oodles in common!0
Harlow cover07 with the publication  Star. "I didn't rob a bank and I didn't kill
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 David Bret's first biography of silent movie star Rudolph Valentino was a best seller when first published in 1998. Moira Shearer, writing for a UK broadsheet, for some reason liked the book but not Valentino himself, describing him as, "A man with pig's eyes." Film director Ken Russell took an exception to this and published a full-page appraisal of Bret and Valentino in The Times: "Mad About The Boy". As a result of this, Bret was invited to participate in the Chicago Humanities Festival.
Frank skinner  With Frank Skinner, while filming 'George Formby'.
  Frank played the uke while Bret performed the 'seditious' 
  version of 'When I'm Cleaning Windows'....


       Below, with Elaine Paige. Bret was one of the advisers

       for her production of Pam Gem's 'Piaf'.

       elaine and us clipped 
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The Nancy Sphinctergritzel Spoofs:
NOTE: The following are works of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's
imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblence to persons living or dead, business establishments, events or locales
is entirely coincidental. The images on the covers are: Lily and Richard Elliss, Gus Williams, and Agnes Elliss, courtesy
of Mary Elliss, Frank Elliss, and Jeanne Elliss-Bret. WARNING: These stories contain adult material of a sexual nature.
Nancy Moose   Nancy Ruin  Nancy marriage   Nancy tril   Nancy cyclops
Cemetery S    Nancy Italy  Nancy Coal   Nancy Filth
The Stageplays:
Gracie Play 2014Gracie play 2014 back  Mistinguett Play 2014Mistinguett play 2014 back
George Formby Play 2014George Formby play 2014 back  Chanson Play 2014Chanson play 2014 back
Valentino Play 2014Valentino play 2014 back     Piaf Play 2014Piaf play 2014 back

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